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Frequently Asked Questions

Male Strippers Ireland

What is the best way to contact Male Stripper Ireland ?

Click here the “Contact us” Form and fill it  for a fair quote. Or call, email, like us on Facebook. Don’t be shy. Honestly we can’t do a Full Monty show over the phone.

What about Deposits ?

A small deposit is required to secure your preferred time slot. It will also cover our advance costs. Deposits are non-refundable but they are transferable to another booking. The balance is paid on arrival at the event.

How long does the stripogram last?

The stripogram itself lasts for about 10-15 minutes.  Our Male Dancers will also joke with the Hen or Special Guest. He can also stay for photos etc.

What is a Full Monty Show?

A Full Monty Show means a fully nude finale.  We will always ask you if you want our performers to go Full Monty or perform a lap dance stripping down to their underwear. Alternatively the stripper will go down to a thong and if requested will whip it off at the end, but keeping bits covered with a Flag. You need to make sure that your special guest is open minded. In any case if our performers notice any type of discomfort they will tone down the show.

Do I need to ask for the permission of the venue for the Stripogram?

It depends on the type of Performance . If it is the case of a Full Monty show, it can’t be in a public Bar or Club as they will not have a Nudity License. If you are renting private accommodation just check with the proprietor. We can also suggest you venues that work with us all over Ireland.

Will he arrive wearing a costume?

Yes he will arrive dressed in the requested outfit. So don’t be surprised when you see a Chippendale Cop.

What choices of costume are there?

The cop outfit is the best as it commands authority and is sexy.

Will he bring his own music?

Yes if in a Private House party he will bring his CD, if in a hotel room, he will usually supply a Portable stereo, if in a Bar or Club then he can give his Music to the DJ to play or he will dance to what’s playing on their sound system at the time.

What should we provide for the stripogram?

Definitely low lighting and a happy cheery crowd. Most importantly help control the audience. And just make sure not to let drunk intruders ruin it for the Bride to be or birthday girl. Also a sturdy chair for the guest of honour.

Will he definitely turn up?

Male Stripper Ireland will send you a confirmation of your booking. Then we will contact you the day before and on the day to confirm everything with you. Also the male stripper will call you approx 1h before arriving at the venue. This way  you can meet him and organise a surprise entry together.

When should we book to secure date?

The earlier the better. Especially during the summer season. Some book 4 weeks in advance.

Can we book the day before?

Yes , a bit short notice though, as our Male strippers might be booked up. We always do Last Minute Deals though.

What information do you need to book?

Make sure to provide us with the exact address, the date and time and also your name and number.

How much does it cost to hire a Male Stripper?

It depends on the  location and distance. Also the date is important. Call us for a quote!

Our customer support lines are handled by sexy strippers in their briefs …just joking 😉


Hotline +35387 777 5705



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