Where’s your ma’ at? Male strippers for Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Male strippers

Mothers Day with Male Strippers in Ireland

or …How to embarrass your mother

Mothers Day is a special event. We only have one mother, and she is responsible for bringing us into this world. For the first 9 months it was all good. We got a good bit of extra sleep to make up for the future all nighters. Then came the time for teething. We really appreciate the patience our mothers showed when we kept screaming like arseholes for nights on end. At the same time we are still a bit bitter about the times our ma embarrassed us in front of our friends. Or the time she woke us up to go to school. Then the endless times she dragged us to go to mass on a lazy Sunday morning.

Obviously we can’t be anger at our mothers for being mothers, but at the same time on Mothers Day all the children that are already 18 plus can take revenge for all their ‘suffering’.

Male strippers are the perfect Mother’s day gift

Naturally, we are talking about the traditional addition of male strippers performing for Mothers Day events. Actually such events offer an opportunity to all the women of the locality to celebrate and let their hair down. At the same time they are a good excuse for exploring the naughty side of things. From Cork to Dublin and from Clonakilty to Donegal, the pubs and restaurants will prepare to give a red carpet treatment to the mothers of Ireland. As a results, buff butlers, male strippers and male performers of all kinds will be getting ready for one of the busiest days of the year for their craft. Yes, flute playing, sausage throwing, Full Monty showing. All these activities are part of Mothers Day whether we like it or not.

Call it whatever you want but every mother in Ireland is hoping to get a hunk and a TK Maxx voucher for Mother’s Day.

What should you bear in mind if you decide to get a Male Stripper for your mother

Why should you get your mother a male stripper? Probably because her sister got one last year. Also because every mother deserves to have a really good laugh on this special day. We can find many reasons as to why you shouldn’t go near male strippers for Mothers Day. But hey, this is a blog about male strippers so we are assuming that you are either looking to hire a stripper for Mother’s Day… or you have already booked one and are just looking for ideas on how to make it unforgettable.

You will find out that just booking a good looking lad from the local gym is not enough. Male Strippers are artists in their own right. The performance is not only a strip show. The idea behind such a show is to make your mother feel special, a queen in her own right for the duration of the show.

The Mothers Day Full Monty

Mothers day is about fun. If you are hiring professional male strippers, they will know if the Full Monty show is appropriate or not. As a matter of fact, most ladies in their 40s and 50s have no major issue with the Full Monty. To put it lightly they have seen miles of Monty by now, so an extra few inches just bring a smile to their face. But you can also consult the agency. Most of them will ask you a few things that will help you decide on the type of stripogram that you will choose for your Mothers Day present. Eventually it is the person that orders the stripogram that takes the risk.

Mothers Day Kissograms

This option is better suited for ladies in their golden years. What you get is a handsome performer in formal attire that will greet the lady celebrating and offer her flowers, chocolates or that special voucher that you will hand over to him. Actually a kissogram is a very tame affair. Directed at young ladies and grannies alike, is mean to give them a chaperone as the highlight of their night. While the tux is a traditional outfit, cowboys, builders and doctors are also available for hire.

The church going mother

For ladies that are still spending their mornings seeking absolution, there is only one solution. A Father Ted kissogram. Even the most pious will find this performance witty, funny and entertaining. If you think that a Male Stripper standing proud with his flute in hand, is a bit inappropriate, then you can choose a funny kissogram or stripogram that doesn’t include nudity. A sexy and charming performer will definitely win over the crowd. It will also make the other ladies jealous, so you are on to a winner either way.

Timing your Mother’s day stripogram

Timing is important as the combination alcohol and naked men can be lethal.

We are not saying that a male strip show for mother’s day always turns into a shirt tearing, back scratching affair. On the other hand it’s better to take into account that Irish women are a bit like the Irish weather; unpredictable, stormy and always wet. As a rule, the male strippers should be placed around the 7-8 pm slot. This is perfect as every body is well onto their way to becoming merry, but nowhere near the stage of the last rites.

Getting the family behind you

If you are thinking of getting a male strippers for your mother you need to plan well in advance. Just in case she retaliates with wrath and anger, you need to have all the siblings behind. It is also a good way of splitting the costs. Make sure everybody agrees to chip in and this way if your mother is angry you can always blame someone else. Most importantly, don’t forget to include the husband of the lady in the plot. Nothing worse than a jealous grandpa on Mother’s day.

Photo opportunity

Make sure to take as many photos and videos as possible. This will be amazing material for birthday cards, Christmas cards and family dinners. And make sure to keep in touch with the male stripper company. You might want to keep them in the loop for future bookings.

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