Male Strippers Carlingford to wow your Hens

Male strippers Carlingford

Male Strippers Carlingford in distress

Did you know that during the summer season, for our male strippers Carlingford became a place of torture. This seaside resort manged to attract so many hens KFC almost moved their main production kitchen there. On a serious note Taffe’s Castle had not so many well built men outside it’s walls since the time of the great sieges. Many of the younger dancers wanted to quit. Performing for 5 hours straight is not easy. Staying up all night, partying with the ladies that like a party or two made up for the troubles though.

Why Carlingford is better than weight watchers

Unlike weight watchers, where you eat, go hungry and go to bed, a hen party in Carlingford will make you loose weight in no time. You will run in the Adventure Parks and you might even appreciate a long walk by the Carlingford Lough. Then your heel were made for walking and that’s what they will do. They will walk all over town. From pub to pub that is. Last but not least you will sweat on the dance floor when our male strippers Carlingford spin you round and round.  The oysters are an amazing source of protein. Our male strippers recommend a low fat diet, so stick to G&Ts and you will avoid the carbs that the prosecco hides in the bubbles.

Male Strippers Carlingford for the shy bride

When a hen party needs to make sure that a shy bride is shy no more, male strippers come to the rescue. It is not that our performers need to change who you are. On the contrary they want to enhance your carefree…. or naughty side just in time for the big day. A hen party is about making sure that laughter is the ingredient that bonds the ladies together. As such a stripogram, with or without the Full Monty will be able to help the hens keep the laughter lounge full.

Carlingford venues for your ultimate Hen Madness

From Ma Bakers to Taffe’s Castle and from the Pump House to McKevitt’s Bar. That’s the usual itinerary of a drinking hen party. But only if your interest is mainly revolving around the glass based activities. The Mourne Mountains and the Cooley Penninsula are really close by. Ireland’s Ancient East has more than a few natural jewels you can admire during the morning. The Adventure Centre in Carlingford cover all your gym needs. Zip lining is a favorite among the hens and the stags. Then back to the likes of PJ O’Hares with your dancing shoes on. The party here goes on till the dancers are tired or the bar runs out of booze. With the country side closing time in operation, things can get a bit wild. As most of you will be walking just a few minutes before hitting the hay, taxi costs are minimal in Carlingford.

Male strippers Carlingford are best served cold

Our Male strippers in Carlingford can help you organise a revenge stripogram on your naughty bride. We intend to plan with you the perfect stripogram. Make sure you choose well the outfit and the setting. Nothing like a brave Cowboy to rock the silence of a antique drawing room in Taffe’s Castle. On the other hand, a trip to one of the farms is ideal for a farmer stripper surprise. You can first make sure that your bride to be pet the ducks and the goats, before a fully naked man jumps out from behind a bale of hay.

What kind of outfits are in fashion this season though:

Here are a few classics:



Army boy




Spiderman …. ok we run out of this one but we can offer the Incredible Hulk

Cottages and private accommodation in Carlingford

If you want to enjoy the peace and quiet of the lush Louth valleys and mountains, then you could rent a whole cottage for the hen weekend. This option offers privacy and is less costly. This could turn into a massive sleepover, just like a pyjama party for adults.

It is also ideal if you want to put on a special male strip show for the bride to be. Country side male stripper outfits pop to mind. Maybe a farmer or a builder could visit the hen cottage. Or you can pretend the electricity is gonne and a naughty electrician will turn the the lights back on.

What to expect from your Male Strippers in Carlingford

Our sexy young performers promise you that they will be there ….ready for action.

You can choose from a lot of guys. Different looks, different muscles and different styles. There is something for every young lady. Even a James Dean or Elvis for the ladies that love or live the 50s and the 60s.

There is a Full Monty Show. Yup, the nude dude! Bare and fair! Standing up to attention to avoid detention. Baby oil is included in the price.

We ask for a deposit sometimes. You know, the lads need to fill up the tank as well.

The Male Strippers Carlingford can offer tame versions of the male strip shows…. but why would anyone want that?

Our Reservations guys can take care of the venue for you. They know us it’s ok 😉

We call before arrival. We just want to hear your voice. And figure out how drunk you are 🙂

Male Strippers Carlingford can also come in an official Butler outfit. You can have 2 or even more hunky butlers for your private party.

Whatever your decision we will always offer sound advice and even better performances.

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