Male Strip Shows in Ireland – The Hunks of Desire

Male Strip Show

Male Strip Shows : Ireland’s worst kept secret

When a Male Stripper Show comes to town not everybody will know about it. The Venues try to keep it hush-hush, to avoid confrontations with the “Holly Mary” brigade. Sadly, even though the Magic Mikes of Ireland are sound young fellas with a love for their body, the stage and the Ladies, a few eyebrows will be raised. So be it.

Male Strip Shows are not a tame affair. Yes there will be screaming, shouting and dancing. And there will be good looking men in thongs and other revealing outfits. On the other hand, you can find all that on the dance floor of any night club in Ireland. And much more. Let’s make it clear. A stage show, even a Full Monty Stage show, happens on a stage. So the Male Strippers are on a stage and they perform. OK. Nude for a few milliseconds. But a Male Strip Show in Ireland is not a Male Strip Show in Amsterdam. You can bring your Granny along and no trouble will come your way. So when a Male Strip Show hit your town….the Ladies will go wild, in secret. But expect droves of ladies of all ages to parade on the main street at around 8pm. High heels on and don’t give a F#@£$ attitude are essential parts of the attire.

What happens in a Male Strip Show?

Male Strip Shows start with a group of dancers teasing the crowd with some tame dance routines. This happens simply because the performers need to estimate the crowd. So when you see Male Strippers flexing their muscles and smiling they are simply trying to figure out how big is the crowd. Also they need to figure out which way is the fire exit in case the Ladies decide on mass pitch invasion.

Another little secret…. They are trying to understand if the ladies are the kind that jump on the hot seat or the ones that stick fivers down their pants. The guys will need to mellow down the routines if they are dealing with the shy kind. More often than not, a crowd will have a mix of everything. You will have the ladies that want to go mad and embrace the Male Strippers like their long lost sons. Then you have those that treat the Male Strip Shows like a museum. They look from afar, admire then buy the t-shirts at the souvenir shop. Then you have those that behave like they do in a funeral. They would like to party but there are too many other people they know, so they behave themselves.

Male Strip Show in Ireland?

Male Stripper Ireland  is an independent event organising agency that has seen many groups of performers. We have met in person the lads from the Chippendales, the Dream Boyz and many other acts that have performed in Ireland. When it comes to home grown Full Monty-s Ireland is a bit behind. With mostly tame non-full-monty experiences, male strippers in Ireland seem to be able to deal only with the private hire scene. Hen Parties, Birthday Parties, Divorce Parties, Corporate Events, etc. Indeed, most of the times the performers do what the public wants. So tame, sweet, nice-to-be-nice types fill the Irish Male Stripper Scene. Then you have The Hunks of Desire….

Wildest Male Strip Show: The Hunks of Desire

The Hunks of Desire Show go Full Monty. Nicknamed “Ireland’s Hottest Beef” they have made the headlines numerous times. Most of times for the right reasons. Sometimes because they are simply too outrageous. Their show is top notch. They employ full time choreographers, photographer and have a full crew behind them.  They make it their business to perform everywhere. From small pubs to concert venues. They sell out every time.

Their next show is in Dolan’s Warehouse Limerick, Sat 5th of January 2019 at 9pm.

Tickets here : Book Now!

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