Letterkenny Male Strippers – Worth the full tank!

Letterkenny Male strippers

Why Letterkenny male strippers are better than ice cream

For many reasons, Letterkenny is becoming one of the most popular Hen Party Destinations. As a result, during the summer months this town is buzzing with life. In this miraculous spot in Donegal you will find a mix and match of all kinds of visitors. Obviuosly if you are on a Hen Party you also find male dancers Letterkenny welcomes every year. Quite often, Letterkenny clubs are like a UN convention. One can find surfers, German archaeologists and hens running amok like teenagers on a summer school trip.

Hen parties are one of some of the top customers of Letterkenny venues. Thus top bars such as the Station House,  the Dry Arch Inn and the Cottage bar, offer a red carpet treatment to the ladies. But there is a bit of a problem. If you have group of hens that arrive at the pub, each with a cone of ice cream in hand, accidents are bound to happen. Honestly, there is no lady in Ireland that would like to pay back the welcoming pub owners with ice cream stains. And that’s why it is better to arrive with a bunch of male strippers in Letterkenny. Clean carpets, amazing dancing and less carbs.

Let us walk you through your ideal Hen Night in Letterkenny

You arrive at your accommodation. There are a lot of options, and the ocean views come at a price. But hey your BFF is opening her “for life business” and your bank just approved a credit limit increase. So off you go and relax in the oldie goldie foyer of a 4 star establishment.

Credit limit increase we said, right? Then a bubbly reception with a couple of sexy buff butlers is in order. Bubbly, muscles and short aprons to scare the mother in law.

Drongwan Lough offers a ton of photo opportunities and scenic drives. To top it up a lot of seafood restaurants will make sure that the oysters are fresh and the accents of the cute waiters pure charming. You might get a lot of Spanish accents, rather than Donegal ones. In any case you will not grow hungry in this little foodie paradise.

Our Letterkenny Male Dancers  can arrive at your chosen venue incognito. You do need to let the venue know in advance… but not the bride!

As such, you can finish off the night ( or even make you afternoon spicy) with a stripogram tha includes a Full Monty show in Letterkenny or anywhere in Donegal.

Letterkenny Male Strippers Special : Breakfast Boy

Indeed, not exactly what comes to mind when you think breakfast in bed. And that is exactly the point of this extravagant affair. When the Bride to Be thought that she got away and didn’t get a stripper, you can wrap up the Hen Weekend with a cheeky but stylish finale.


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