12 Good Reasons to hire Male Strippers in Ireland

male strippers

Hen Parties and Male Strippers – a match made in heaven

When you think of hiring Male strippers for a Hen Doo you probably have the idea of the Full Monty Show and the hens screaming loud. Here you will find some other not so well know reasons to get the special hunky treatment of our sexy male strippers.

1.Last night of Freedom

Any self respecting hens will organise a party that will make memories. The girls are back in town and they are looking for trouble. Extreme naked fun guaranteed. 15-20 minutes of a performance from a fit professional dancer is what a hen party needs to celebrate the Last night of Freedom in a way that no hen will never forget. It is only one night, so make it last as it is the last.

2. Digestive properties

The doctors suggest that attending a show that will excite one’s senses makes you digest faster and feel lighter. What better way to make that 3 course meal in one of Dublin’s finest restaurants disappear. Watch live the male strippers perform for your bride and a crew of merry hens and feel your wings grow. If Red Bull made men, they would be male strippers.

3. Make the Bride Blush

The blushing bride could be a thing of the past for most modern weddings. There is still a second or two when very few brides-to-be will fail to blush. The Full Monty Show is not for the faint hearted but it is a necessary part of the show. Try to surprise the bride with the stripogram. The Male strippers will know how to handle the lady of honour. May be you are dealing with a very shy version of Bridezilla. Have no fear! Then the Male strippers will deal with the Hen Party with great care. These are the same guys that deliver Stripograms to 80th Birthday Parties, remember? But then you might get the Tyrannosaurus Rex of all Bridezillas. Ok , the Male strippers usually don’t sue for the scratch marks. But stay away from the costumes! Original Fireman outfits cost serious money.

4. Male Stripper Rituals

Some cultures still have ancient rituals that are centred around….. well the Penis.  Phallic symbols have been found anywhere from ancient Egypt and Greece to the very Celtic roots of the Emerald Isle. Male Strippers are nothing more than modern performers celebrating ancient male virility. A way for the inner thoughts of women all over the world to have their own stage show in front of the male part they are welcoming in their life. It is all done in good fun. So, “many blessings” would say the priests of the old pagan religion of Ireland. A handsome man dancing naked is a personal theatre celebrating the union of male and female. Too complicated, right ? Fine ! It’s about the SEX in the MIND.

5. Beauty is a blessing

Looks are not the most important thing in a marriage. The Big L- O- V -E is. But admiring a sexy body, or butt is a favorite pass time for many women out for Hen Fun and Games . Women want to see Male Strippers in their Hen Party because beauty, male beauty is something that makes them giggle and whisper. And they want to able to feel that memory of being naughty and single in their last night of freedom

6. The knight in a shinning armour

Think Cinderella. Then turn the fairy tale on its head. Modern Ladies do not believe in fairytales. That’s why they keep a pair of ballerina shoes in their handbag when they hit the pubs and clubs. But a Male stripper plays the same role as Prince Charming. He will wow the crowd and perform a routine that comes out of musical or hip hop video clip. A Male Stripper will be the added bonus to the night. Full Monty. A fairytale for foxy hens.

7. More than a pretty bunch of biceps

Our male strippers are first and foremost entertainers. Actually , the down to earth personalities of our guys are what the Hen Party needs. A fitfreak with a sculpted body that is approachable fun and can give you advice. A hen night is an event and every well planned event needs a host. Our Male sstrippers are goign to let you know which bars to avoid, which restaurants have the best food and which clubs are trending . So book them early. A Male stripper act should be the opening act in a long show of supersized fun.

8. Get the Granny Dancing

There is this approach that puts the average age of attendance of a Hen Party ( or Stag for that Matter) at 25-35 . While this is a reality the Hens of today should include every lady that has the charm and wit of the 60s and 70s. This is will probably the first ever time that your “granny” (or auntie) will ever experience the steamy fun that is Full Monty show. Male strippers are very professional and will make sure to adjust their performance to the audience. Actually younger hens will be surprised at what a mad party head the granny can turn out to be. Granny, Male Stripper & jagerbombs.  Better than a comedy club.

9. The right price

With prices ranging at an average 150 in Dublin and 200-280 in the far corners of the island of Ireland, Hen Parties cannot complain. It works out the same as the price of a couple of pints ( or a couple of bottles of supermarket wine ) per person.  When you think of how much Hens spend on a hen party the Male stripper costs are at the lower end of list. Simply put, everyone can afford a male stripper.

10. Hen Party Fashion statement

The generation of Instagram knows what is trending and hot. Just by looking at the photos from the many successful Hen Parties in Ireland  you will understand that the Male Stripper show is the cornerstone of your fashion statement in the eyes of the world. Nothing brings in the likes and shares like a well oiled Males Stripper surrounded by a flock of Hens dressed to kill.

11. Provide employment for aspiring artists

Our Male Strippers are artists. Dance Teachers, Yoga Instructors, Personal Trainers. The world of art is harsh and the Full Monty show is one of the things these multi talented guys do to fund their dreams. Support your local male strippers. One day you will see them on TV and go : ” I know him !! He was at my hen party” and smile .

12.   Revolution

The independent women of today don’t conform. The time when hen parties involved exchanging embroidery and cups of tea is well gone. The Hens today want to party and party they do. Equality means equal fun and equal games. While the Stags have been featuring strippers for the last 50 years, the hens have now made it clear that women call the shots in their ladies night. Do you want to run amok. Why not? Do you want a male stripper ? Then get one!


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