Occasions to hire Male Strippers in Ireland

Occasions to hire Male Strippers in Ireland

Why Hire Male Strippers in Ireland

With night clubs charging an arm and a leg and the price of the pint reaching pre-recession levels, Ladies Only House Parties are a new trend that is taking Ireland by storm. Also let’s say that the lasses that are looking for some extra excitement for their night in. Yes, such party heads would hire male strippers to land a round of applause.

When it comes to live entertainment, you can bet your humble earnings that any party that involves Male Strippers will make the whole crowd scream. There more than a few ingredients that can make a party a PARTIEE. First and foremost you have to make sure that you have the correct numbers and the correct venue. An ideal house party, especially one that has a Ladies Only Night on the subject matter, involves around 30 lasses. Then you need a house, or a private function room. If one of the ladies can offer her massive living room even better. Otherwise most local bars have a spare room that they use for all types of events.

Indeed, there are more than a few occasions that will require the above set up. Booze, high heel and party dresses are a must. A boys only party will have female strippers. It’s only reasonable to assume that a Ladies’ Night would hire male strippers for the highlight of the night.

Hen Parties with Male Strippers

Hen Parties in Ireland are becoming not only a set item on the pre-wedding get-togethers but also a financial burden. If you go through a Hen Party organiser you will end up paying a substantial amount for each activity. On the other hand, if you choose to go DIY you need to make sure that you have a good plan to wow your party girls. Having a suitable venue at hand it helps, and so does a good DJ. Once you have the venue and the music in your back pocket, you can hire male strippers that will brighten up the night.

You can have a theme for your Hen Party and ask the guys to bring outfits that match your theme night. Some could come as pizza boys or fire men. They can perform dance routines and get the whole party pumping. Do not forget to allow time for a special lap dance for the lady of honour.

Birthday Party Male Strippers

There nothing more fun than a getting a male stripper for your Birthday Girl. It has become a rite of passage especially for the 21st Birthday Parties. In this occasion you need to think twice about the type of Male Strippers that you are bringing in. Obviously you need someone who is fun and knows how to engage the crowd. As most of the ladies will be young, you need to choose someone who is young and fun to be around with. Also make sure you know the preferences of the Birthday Girl in advance. That’s why the best person to choose the Birthday Party Stripper is one of her best friends. The aim here is to embarrass the Birthday Girl, but also to provide a highlight and a show for the whole party.

Baby Shower Male Strippers

Not the most usual choice of entertainment for a Baby Shower. On the other hand, as such parties tend to be run in two stages, you could hire male strippers for a bit of a spark. As the first stage of a baby shower involves bringing along grannies and kids and a heap of colorful presents, we advise the male stripper break during the second part of the Baby Shower. Once all the kids have been put to bed and the grannies gone for the afternoon mass you can upgrade your party. A sexy male stripper doing a carefully planned Full Monty show could turn any Baby Shower into a sweaty sauna. On the other hand you could hire buff butlers that will take care of the whole party. Serving food, organising party games and creating a spicy but enjoyable atmosphere.

Divorce Party Male Strippers

Is it possible that you can say I do then … I don’t. As a matter of fact divorce is on the rise. But a good party can fit any occasion and so do the Male Strippers. You can hire male strippers to celebrate your re-entry in the single ladies category. Make sure to get a hunky male lap dancer to dance your divorce worries away. It doesn’t matter how much pain and cash your separation will cost. A male stripper will give you back your confidence and a g-string as a souvenir.

Ladies Night Out

Any good Ladies Night out starts with a pampering session in a spa. Some might disagree and hop straight to the main course. As a matter of fact a good Ladies Night Out can start or finish with a male stripper doing a full Monty Show. Do you need a Lady of Honour? Probably yes, but you can hire male strippers to perform a tailored show for a group of ladies. A decent ladies night out will have to remind them of their best Hen Parties. And remember, having a Hen Party Reunion is a new way of keeping in touch with all the ladies that you got on with during the last Hen Party.

Charity Events – Full Monty Shows

One you need to support a worthy cause, you need to call for help. It might be a fundraiser in aid of the Irish Cancer Society, or a night to raise funds to combat homelessness. In any case male stripper will provide a unique and exciting show. You can choose from a variety of Strip Show Groups available in Ireland. You can have a Full Monty blast or a Buff Butler experience. It depends on the topic of the fundraiser and your audience.

Whatever the occasion, you need able bodied ladies that can party in style. You might find yourselves developing an appetite for destruction and self-destruction. That’s OK, as long as you enjoy the merry-go-round.  If add a few tequilas and a few male strippers you will have a night to remember in your back pocket.


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