Face to face: Frankly, Male Strippers in Dublin

male strippers dublin

Male Strippers Dublin : Live and unplugged

The Male Stripper scene in Ireland is a bit of a mystery. You can never find out exactly who is who. Shy guys or busy performers? . One can notice that wannabe Male Strippers Dublin has plenty. But when it comes to professional Male strippers things get pretty hard. Pun unintended…

After some research I got in touch with a pro performer from a pro company. As a rule the dancers after their shows they disappear in anonymity. What happens to the sexy uniformed man after he put on his normal clothes? I have questions and he has muscles. Hopefully a bit of time too.

I am to meet my guy in Temple bar. Live mediocre music on the streets. Hen and stag parties roaming free.  Lately, our former imperial masters are flocking in droves  from the Kingdom to the Republic to celebrate with “craic agus ceol” the last days of one’s single life. You can spot them from miles away. The only people that are as drunk as the Dublin winos at 12 midday. 

“ Do they accept sterling ?”, a young male with a London accent is anxiously conversing with his friend that seems to have consumed half of the Guinness Factory. “I blaah, f%&*^ dooooonooooo maaaate”

I send a whatsapp message with my photo so that he recognises me. He sends one back. I notice the well defined jaws and the clean shaved face. I recognise a man that has trained to the point of having muscles on his face. He is running a few minutes late.

The Hen Parties from across the Irish Sea

“ Are you the strippaaa?” Three English ladies are having a hard time to balance on their heels.

They are a classic example of the hen parties that hit the Temple Bar. They are drinking champagne, kindly provided by the establishment that has provided the hen package. A hen party is a source of income. A hen party is a reason for celebration. Obviously mischief is on the cards. A Hummer is roaring in the vicinity; the limo pub crawling tour  of the Dublin watering holes is also on the package menu.. As are the males strippers Dublin has on special offer for the ladies.

“I am actually a blogger, waiting for the same Full Monty surprise.. For completely different reasons.”

“Is he a big man ?… she winks”

“ I am not aware of that daaaahling” ( I take a snip at her Luton accent that goes unnoticed)

We all turn our heads to notice a tall well shaped man with a white t-shirt and Rock  boots. He is striding confidently towards me then put his hand on my shoulder . He doesn’t look like the males strippers on youtube.

Male Strippers Dublin: The Full Monty and the 7 hens

“ Follow me”

I struggle to catch up as he races up two flights of stairs and we enter a dimly lit VIP area.

He parks the sound system and changes with the speed of light.

The bride to be is the last to enter the room …she pretends to want to walk away and the rest of the hens grab her and sit her on black leather couch positioned strategically under a spotlight.  

Ri-Ri sings : work work work, and he is moving body to body. The lucky lady receiving the usual hen party treatment has a reaction of admiration and faked desire followed by a  hearty laugh. While the rest of the hens have turned into football fans and the VIP room into a stadium. Within the space time of three songs he is left only with his jocks on and the keeps flexing his sweat dripping muscles to the music. Then he leaves the Bride for a few seconds and dances with the girls. They want to keep him for themselves. They are not shy. I sense some discomfort on his face after a pair of well manicured hands pinch his butt for the 10th time or so. Male strippers Dublin apparently suffer a lot. It’s not a risk free job. And not body protection clothing is at hand.

Then I notice that the bride has left nail marks on his back. He makes his moves and guides her hand to his waistline. It’s her choice now. She doesn’t take the opportunity and the D&G underwear stay on.

The Male Strippers Dublin shows last approximately 15 min. It is based on the lap dance idea. It takes the hot seat part of a stage show. Then turbo boosts it for a one man show.

From Tango Teacher in Buenos Aires …….
to Male Stripper in Dublin

Angelo is from Argentina. Actually his teenage years were filled with tango practice and private colleges. Since he is the only child of a TV producer, he ended up always performing in some capacity. Then he joined the brigade of strippers  in the Vegas Strip, attracted by the limelight of the famous Full Monty crews.

This performer is confident of his choice in the world of live performances.

“Being a stripper is harder than being an actor. In Vegas, not only the money was good but the shows were a mix of burlesque and magic. It was a challenge that many young performers failed. It’s bodybuilding, dancing and acting combined. In 15 min. It’s the only show where you get to actually touch the audience and see their breathing change as the show takes form. The stripper performs, but so does the audience.”

My private dancer has had a long journey.

Luck of the Irish

Ireland was meant to be a short  break for our overworked Vegas star, but now married with children in Dublin, he went back to the male stripper lifestyle as it allows for a great flexibility in his daily life. Just like many Male Strippers Dublin men, cool as a cucumber by dayparctical reasons come to play when choosing this career path.

“ Actually my future wife works in marketing so I get to take care of the kids during the day. I am also a tango teacher, but the demand is low. So this is great fun and it pays the bills.” Male Strippers Dublin juggle a few things at the same time. Activities like modelling, hosting and TV are all part of the same brand. ” The guys are involved in many festivals as well, he explains. In any of the big festivals in Ireland, you will find Male Strippers Dublin. Some of us will be doing stunts. Then there those of us that will do security or hosting.

“ The nightlife must pay more than well plus you are surrounded by gorgeous women all the time .” I add.

“ No amigo.” he smiles “ Male Strippers in Dublin don’t make Vegas money. I mean, I get paid ok, but there are no bunches of dollar bills being stuck in my underwear. Here the shows are tame compared to what male strippers do elsewhere. But I like it that way. My show suits all the tastes. From an 80th birthday party of a granny to a wild hen party of 20 year-olds.”

Party animal vs Best Dad Ever

” And the party boy, the Dublin hen party animal…He must get up to some mischief?” I want juicy details but he is having none of it.

” Ah, no. I have to read bedtime stories when I get home. Maybe you should ask the younger crowd. But even then, being a stripper means you are up early to train, and the muscles come with calorie counts. So I personally have to think twice before I get a pint”. Generally the Dublin Male Strippers he knows lead a healthy life. Body image is the selling point. While they are all up for partying and fun, beer means calories. Which then, they have to burn.

“And the stripper scene in Ireland…what does the future hold?”

The future of the Dublin Strippers

” I can’t say, there are a lot of guys that have a go at it ….not all of them are professional performers though. So the scene is very fluid. In Dublin any fella with muscles and a couple of extra inches can pull the stripper card. But not everybody is professional. The guys that are serious about it have credentials and are employed by reputable agencies. The rest well… they try it for fun and give up as soon as they realise the time and effort that goes into it.”

For Male Strippers Dublin is just another capital. They are a transient group. They might be male strippers in Ireland today and enjoy the Hen party limelight. Those that want to pursue a professional stripping career will have to follow the trends.  The Hen Party and Stag Party industry is moving both East and South. With Hen Party organisers developing hen party holiday packages in Europe and the Mediterranean, male strippers will either move to the next hot spot or retire.

Getting out of the busy bar he doesn’t seem that heavenly dancer of half an hour ago. But the confidence I first encountered is still there. I can recognise it  in the brisk walk and the pacing.

His Rock boots barely touch the ground. As his well formed base swings in the distance, this complicated man has left but nothing his shadow behind. The show is over. Now you can rest.

Dublin, the Male Strippers salute you!


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