Buff Butlers in Ireland: Your born again Hen Party Fun

Buff Butlers in Ireland

Buff Butlers paradise: Hen Parties in Ireland

With spring in the air all the ladies that will have their big day for this summer are hoping to get one of those rare summer seasons. Our Buff Butlers are also praying to the Mighty butler for the same thing. Indeed the great outdoors in Ireland are calling for all the Hen Party goers to visit them. Then it is up to them to explore the sun soaked medieval hamlets of Kilkenny or Carlingford. They can also head west, where our Buff Butlers can entertain them in a cosy cottage in Connemara or a big BBQ in Lahich.

Irish Hen Parties to mark your summer

The reason why our Buff Butlers love Ireland is not the weather. Irish Hen Parties are different from the bachelorettes in the US or Europe. The ladies are more laid back, the craic, as good humour and fun is known in Ireland is mighty and the butlers can a bit more cheeky than normal. Such is the reputation of the the Hen Parties in Ireland that growing numbers of tourists arrive to the Emerald Isle every Year to celebrate the last nigh of freedom.

You might be a tourist looking to party and explore the real Ireland. Or a local that would love to rediscover the country side. Wherever you are, whatever you do, a reception with sexy and cheeky butlers is a must on your long list of activities.

Why Buff butlers for your Hen Party

Male strippers and hen parties go together like fish and chips. But there are many occasions when the bride is just too shy to go for a Full Monty experience. There is also the case of the garden party. Especially if you are entertaining a big group of hens. If you are having a big BBQ this summer there is no need to hire waiters. The Buff Butlers in Ireland are actually trained waiters and baristas. You will also come across situations where the ladies don’t know each other too well and need an icebreaker session before hitting the bars. Then nothing gets the giggles going better than a male butt on display. Instead of speaking about the weather, you can comment on the length of the Butler’s apron.

What does a Buff Butler really do?

The Buff Butlers are entertainers. They are professional and good looking. Their services vary but common points of reference are the tongue-in-cheek attitude, their stunning looks and the skimpy outfits. The more conservative attire involves, black pants, formal black shoes, dickybow and cuffs. Some might add a touch of baby oil on their well formed muscles, some might just show off their natural tan.

There some Hen parties that look for a bit more. And by that we are referring to oblong shapes that follow the rules of gravity. Naturally our Buff butlers are not shy. They will show up in nothing but a short skirt, allowing for some kilt type movement in order to impress the crowd.

Games and more games for your Wild Hen

A Hen Party is an occasion when even grannies can behave like teenagers after their Leaving Cert. You can play hide and seek with your Butlers, or let them organise games for you. You might even feel like having a naughty Quiz Master for your MR & MRS Quiz. The purpose of having a professional entertainer on board is to allow him to work his magic and get everybody in the mood for a proper Hen Party.

What to look for when choosing your Buff Butler

Well looks is one thing to look for. Make sure that you hire a butler that keeps himself fit. This is not only a good indicator of his time in the gym. Performers that have a professional approach tend to invest time and money in their professional persona. It’s like buying a car really. A salesman that doesn’t keep a neat appearance, probably sell dodgy cars. Also, make sure that you check the reviews of the agency he is working with. You might end up choosing a perfect performer, but the agency has zero reviews. Make sure that they keep their social media updated and that check out their Google Reviews. Our company employs only real pros

Buff Butlers vs Male strippers

As a matter of fact these two categories overlap more often than not. Actually that is good thing. If a performer is confident enough to perform a Full Monty, he is definitely good enough to wow groups of ladies during a bubbly reception. If you are not sure if the bride to be will go for a stripogram, a safe bet is to hire a Buff Butler with experience in sausage throwing. Such a double whammy can add a good few minutes of laughter during your party. You can start your reception with a casual chit-chat and a few tequilas served by a Buff Butler. Then once the mood lightens up and the temperature rises, your Buff Butler can turn into a sexy cowboy or fireman. All you need is a sturdy chair and an eager volunteer. Magic Mike will make sure the rest is history

What other events are the Buff Butlers available for?

There is a long list of events that come alive with the participation of Buff Butlers in Ireland. Below find the most common occasions for hiring buff butlers in Ireland.

Buff Butlers for Ladies’ Nights Entertainers

Either as sexy door men to meet and greet your guests, or hunky bare chested barmen, Buff Butlers bring success wherever they introduce their muscles. A Breast Cancer Awareness fund raiser saw their donations double after our guys ran the event

Buff Butlers for Baby Showers

Ladies that like to give their friends a stylish baby shower hire Buff Butlers to entertain the crowd. The sausage rolls taste better they say. We won’t argue.

Buff Butlers for Corporate Events

Whether you are holding an office Christmas Party or a company Summer Party, our sexy butlers will help you with your dance moves and much more.

Buff Butlers for Divorce Parties

If it is the time for new beginnings, why not go all out and make sure to start your new found singledom in style.

Buff Butlers for Birthday Parties

Ideal for the 18th or even 80th birthday party of a young lady, these gents will make sure to give her the 18th kiss on the cheek

For special occasions it is better to ask the bookers of We are certain that we will be able to find someone or something to put a smile on your face.



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